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Fearless FX500

max. Bespannhärte: 35 lbs
Gewicht: 85g+/-1
Balance: 285+/-5
Schaft: High Module 24 tonne Effect Graphite + Thinnest
Ever Shaft (6.8mm) + Nano C..
CHF 89.00


The FEARLESS FX is the latest racquet from YANG YANG featuring multi angle frame design.
The application of multi angle frame gives the racquet a reinforced and quality performance
with exciting power, aerodynamic stability and durability.

Multi angle frame badminton racquet with generous head design feature an extended
sweet spot and slim shaft. The wider striking velocity is improved considerably in tandem
with the extended sweet spot results in accuracy when striking the shuttle, thus increased repulsion.

The 7mm and 6.8mm (Thinnest) slim shaft design provides extreme strength, superior
control and a perfect balance between racquet weight, moving inertia and aerodynamics.
The slim shaft is a mainstay of power and skill. It accurately releases the hitting power in
a uniform and stable manner.

Graphite is the most important material factor in the feature of high range racquet while Nano
carbon is used in special application where high strength must be combined with light weight.
The integration of high module graphite and nano carbon reinforcing technology adds strength
to key racquet points eliminates unnecessary seams and provides enhanced durability.
Nano carbon is an extremely high strength material that optimizes rigidity and allows
for higher stringing tension.

Nano Power frame is used to decrease overall racquet weight and improve its strength
while delivering better control and the higher Balance Point provides a heavier head
while delivering tremendous shuttle striking capabilities.

In addition, the FEARLESS FX extra long handle is the surest way to add power.
The longer axis between the hand and the point of contact adds head speed,
and that translates into more energy to the shuttle. It is for player who changes their grip position
to the shot being played. The extra centimeter in the handle allows player
to comfortably shift to a shorter grip as needed.

Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling, FEARLESS FX Series is designed
for player seeking exceptional ‘All-Round’ performance. It helps you to face to any
circumstances and give you the extra “WOW” that you need to win in an intense match